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Staff Augmentation Services

You are juggling far too many problems. When you finally manage to get one problem off your back, another pops up to take its place. You need a solution instantly. Software needs to be in beta by yesterday. Yet you often don’t have the resources or expertise currently available to complete tasks on time or within budget. When you need the assistance of skilled IT professionals, turn to the technical staffing firm with experience.

For many years, PropelSys has been providing highly accomplished software professionals for short- and long-term contract assignments, as well as permanent positions in companies nation-wide. We are committed to working diligently to understand your specific needs and requirements – matching the right person to the right position every time.

At PropelSys most of our recruiters have substantial project delivery experience. So, you will be interacting with people who have been in your shoes. They know where it pinches. They have been there too. They know what you need. And also, what you don’t.

Why choose Us?

Temporary/Contract Staffing

Temporary/contract employees work on an hourly basis, at your facility, to enhance your existing workforce. As an IT staffing company, we cover all employer-related expenses associated with employment.

Why choose Us?


This solution allows your company to “try before you buy.” By working with an engineering staffing agency, your company will have the opportunity to gauge a candidate in your unique culture and working environment before a direct offer is made.

Why choose Us?

Direct Hire/Permanent Staffing

We recruit, interview, and refer only those candidates who meet all of your prerequisites and who possess the skills and experience required for your current opportunity. When you have confirmed your intent to hire, the candidate is hired directly by your company.

Quality Talent When You Need It:

Through comprehensive screening, thoughtful placement, and constant follow-up in the field, we are able to hire and retain some of the most skilled consultants in the IT industry. We employ more than five hundred technical software professionals and maintain a proprietary database of additional active technical candidates. From developers and analysts, to program and project managers, we provide you with the best-qualified people to get your IT project done.

Flexibility And Control:

Using PropelSys for your staffing needs gives you the flexibility to find that “hard to find” IT star without wasting valuable time. We understand that any hiring delay can stall development projects while the rest of the market moves forward. By eliminating time-consuming processes that you must go through to fill an IT position, PropelSys offers you complete control, without having to worry about the details of the recruiting process.

Exceptional Service:

Our fulfilment process has been designed with your needs in mind. The process ensures that we focus on a standardized manner of providing service to all our clients, which guarantees quality service delivery. Quality of service that you will experience every time you come to us. Our resumes are standardised “PropelSys Cut Resumes”, making it easier and faster for you to review them. We take feedback from all clients on a weekly basis, which is used to further refine the process and make it even more responsive. Should you require any customization at the consultant delivery stage, we will do everything and anything to ensure timely start of the project.

Professional Staffing Teams:

Our Recruiting and Account Management team consists of some of the best sourcing specialists, referral recruiters, database recruiters, account managers and Internet specialists in the industry. Most of our team members hold a Masters degree and more importantly, possess substantial project delivery experience. Regardless of your process needs, you can be assured that we will submit only the most qualified candidates in a timely and professional manner, leaving you time to focus on your top priorities.

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